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Hyper Smarter is a simple and immediate platform for the management of fairs and virtual events that will allow you to multiply the success of your events and be competitive on a global scale. It is the digital tool suitable for organizing your online events and that will increase your company's ROI.


DEXX is a digital hub where we create projects to offer the customer a new way of communicating in the world of digital events. A "container" where concepts, services, tools and technologies work together to satisfy any customer’s need. A perfect and complete way for companies that want to use advantages offered by digital sector, a growth opportunity not to be missed. DEXX offers 360 ° digital services and format for organization of creative webinars, interactive product launches, exciting fashion shows, immersive virtual fairs and much more.


GECO Expo is a proprietary format of Smart Eventi, conceived during the pandemic as a response to the impossibility of planning events in person.

GECO Expo  is the first Italian virtual sustainability fair that offers all its participants and visitors the immersive experience of a fair, in a totally virtual and interactive environment, highly personalized in all its  aspects. Sustainable tourism, circular economy, eco-food, mobility and sustainable energy are the themes of the virtual fair.

The format consists of a virtual expo area to visit with your avatar and a content area where we have brought together the major green voices to discuss an issue as important as that of sustainability.

GECO for school

GECO For School, format owner of Smart Eventi, was created after the first edition of the GECO Expo fair, is a training course of green education for high schools students to develop the culture of sustainability starting from future generations.Topics covered are Eco-Food, Green Mobility, Sustainable Tourism, Renewable Energy and Circular Economy.

The training takes place within our virtual platform where students, with their own avatar, take advantage of interactive content and quiz that we have created with our scientific committee. Finally, within the project we involved universities and experts on the green theme so that students can, on the one hand, orient themselves for the continuation of their studies and, on the other, learn what future green jobs will be required by companies.



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