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The digital event: an alliance for communication

Certainly in this historical moment, many activities have slowed down, but companies cannot stop communicating, organizing events and meetings. For this reason, we have studied the different technologies that are able to bridge the distances and overcome the challenge of social distancing, while still guaranteeing the possibility of effectively conveying important messages and content for your company.

Given the new demand related to the world of events, where the current need is to tell new stories, without forgetting the human relationships typical of physical events, we have selected and customized different digital event platforms that respond to the need of creating new and alternative spaces to meet, to amaze the viewer, to involve him, always placing the user at the center of the experience.


Organize a digital event

A new format of digital events that arises from the aggregation of different skills and the integration of latest generation professional softwares for:

reach your target everywhere - save on management costs - optimize your work time - lead generation

The location becomes digital

Smart Eventi, with its digital department, has joined a team of expert IT engineers, teaming up with its event managers, who have organized more than 300 events per year, making it possible to identify different solutions for digital events, able to overcome the physical boundaries of traditional locations, increasing the number of contacts that can be reached, each one specifically related to the customer’s needs.

The support of new technologies

We do not have a single platform, but we offer the most suitable technology for any budget, requirement and result that has to be achieved. For a common meeting, a simple, stable and fast platform that contains costs can work just fine. On the other hand, to present a new line of products it might be necessary to have a more immersive and emotional solution that combines a video chat with the need to experience the product.

With the support of our technologies for digital events we eliminate the architectural barriers and the limits of the shape and space typical of event locations by placing the quality of content and connection at the center of the project.

Your solution for online events
Your solution for online events

With the organization of digital events, permits are not required for the occupation of public land or for the location's usability, there is no need to transport and assemble fittings, thus saving on the cost of catering and transportation. With our corporate solutions for digital events we ensure adequate and professional availability in terms of bandwidth to ensure a positive experience, avoiding annoying interruptions to all participants, also offering an excellent data analysis and lead generation tool.

The audience is not a passive spectator
The audience is not a passive spectator

What do we expect from a real event? A moment in which the guest will enjoy the experience at 360 degrees. During our digital events the audience will not be a passive spectator, thanks to the video and interactive chat interfaces it is possible not only to participate but also to compare, discover, explain and network and all of this can be done safely from home or from your office. In short, a real format that offers space for speeches, videos, slides where you can also give voice to prestigious guests to make your event more exciting and worth attending.

What our digital event format offers

During our digital events, the speakers will be able to communicate directly from their home, office or other venues used as a video recording studio. We build a digital experience according to the characteristics of the event with the possibility of structuring the interface also in a multilingual version, thus ensuring a quality interaction according to the objectives and target of the customer.

With the support of our event managers, your digital events can be streamed live from and to any part of the world, a personalized accreditation phase can be foreseen, the contents and files of the speakers can be collected, an agenda for the participants can be built, we can organize gaming and collective engagement activities. The connections to the digital event can be unlimited, in full hd quality, both from desktop and mobile.


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